“As a designer I have the responsibility to develop products that compliment our growing attitudes towards sustainable consumerism, the idea of reducing rather than adding more is something I practice, in the end leaving only the essential elements to a product.”

Benjamin Stanton is currently studying for a BA Honors Product Design: Furniture degree at Sheffield Hallam University. Upon completing his school education Benjamin studied Art & Design at Sheffield College. In his twenties he worked as a Bench Joiner/Cabinet Maker, acquiring exceptional carpentry skills. The enjoyment in being creative throughout his career influenced an emerging passion for design.

Benjamin believes the world is starting to understand the impact products are having on the environment. Insisting the function and the crafted beauty of products shouldn’t be compromised by designing and manufacturing them sustainably. A passion to address such issues and improve our well being is at the forefront of Benjamin’s approach, creating products with an honest aesthetic sensibility.

After finishing a successful work placement year working along side Daniel Schofield and Rocket Interiors. Benjamin is currently in his final year of studies at Sheffield Hallam University, due to be completed by 01/06/2019.

Photos by awesome.