The corrugated denim boards are made up of eight laminated denim layers, bounded together with bio resin. An aluminium two part mould was designed to allow layers of textiles waste material to be compressed to form a corrugated fabric board. Denim has a tight diagonal weave, staggering these layers make the boards stronger. The bio resin also works as a great binding agent. This project was part of Benjamin’s graduation portfolio, the design process was a material exploration and reprocessing experiment. A speculative approach asking the question, How can a piece of furniture design raise awareness of the fashion and textile industries waste streams? Why is so much waste being created? Why are we not using more of this waste in furniture? These corrugated denim boards highlight some of these issues and and show how textiles waste could be used creatively, displaying them as part of a functional piece of furniture coinciding beautifully along side the oak frame.